24 hours in Brașov


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Brașov is one of those cities that will make you fall in love with its old city center boutiques, narrow streets, beautiful architecture and lovely sights. But I think I have been loving the city so much because of the mountains that you can reach by taking a 30 minute drive. In the same manner, I fell in love with Merano at first sight. I just love the mountains – city combination!

S. and I stopped in Brașov for one night on our way back from Tulcea, and while we hoped to have more time to spend there, we were happy to at least enjoy 24 hours exploring in one of our favorite cities before heading home to reality.



We arrived in the afternoon and we spent the rest of the day wandering around the city, checking out the beautiful building front architecture, the old city’s gateways such as the medieval Catherine’s Gate pictured above, and then we decided to relax for a while in the central park.

We were pretty tired after the long drive, but we couldn’t help ourselves checking out the little shops on Republicii Street, which takes you from the park directly to the old town square.


24 Hours in Brasov

We found this little shop which sells handmade jewelry, soap bars, mugs and beautiful botanical prints. We indulged and got a couple of handmade soap bars for ourselves and two more to give as presents to our parents. Everything smelled sooo good in the small Pebs shop (also, don’t you love that name?!), but we decided not to go crazy with the shopping since we’ll have to pack all our apartment in boxes soon (I’ll tell you all about it soon).




BTW, this is how a determined person looks like when they are trying to take a 360 degrees panorama on the phone, haha!




We ended the night with some ice-cream, and then crashed into our beds, tired from the travelling and the hot weather.

On the next day, after a decent breakfast, we wandered a bit through a bookshop, picked up a cooking book and some coffee. We decided to hit the road, and go up in the mountains, searching for a little breeze. And breeze we found!

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A short trip with the cable car took us to a wonderful view of the valley, where we happily enjoyed the fresh air of Poiana Brașov. We ate some cake we brought with us from one of the shops in the city while admiring the overwhelming greenery around us. I had about 15 minutes of sitting alone and taking in the view & enjoying the silence, while S. dared to venture into the heat and climb the cliff up to the top. My bad back and I waited in the cooling breeze and enjoyed the meditation time. 


What better way to end a productive university year than to spend time in nature with your loved one?!

What memorable city break trips did you go on? Is there a city you recently fell in love with? Would love to hear your stories in the comments!



24 Hours in Brașov

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