Autumn wonderland ( & a terrible cold)

A cold has taken over my body in the last few days, and I’ve never felt this sick since highschool. I’m writing this post between sneezes and nose wiping (lovely, eh?), yet my mind wanders off to an autumn wonderland I walked through a week ago.

We left with heavy hearts on our 5-day trip to Sibiu, leaving behind our cat who was already stressed because of all the moving process. However, ahead of us were waiting full days of socializing, film-watching, learning and fun. It was Astra Film Festival time.


We stayed in a cabin in the Astra National Museum complex, in a beautiful golden landscape. On Saturday morning before we headed home, I found a half hour break to walk through the park with a colleague, take photos, film and admire the nature changing its colors.

These are a few snapshots of the overwhelmingly magical scenery. I know I’ve already made a post about how much I love autumn, but I couldn’t resist sharing with you a few photos.






I am curious what autumn means to you, or which is your favorite season and why?

Also, can’t wait for those cozy Sundays with a hot chocolate in hand, being lazy with boyfriend and crazy cat. *Heaven on earth*


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