Bath, UK | travel photo diary

After seeing Estee’s video, I suggested to the gang to leave behind the busy London for a day. After a heavy traffic journey of about 3 and a half hours, we reached our destination, the beautiful town of Bath.

We found a cute charity shop right away and indulged in some vinyl shopping. I wish I could have brought the big botanical atlas back home with me …

We soon found out that Bath has no shortage of home and design shops… we took advantage of that too, but mostly for window shopping, although we wanted to buy so many beautiful things for our new apartment.img_20160911_133953


On our way to the Roman baths, we admired the architecture of the city, as well as the beautiful paved streets. I couldn’t help but wonder how life would be like if we lived there.img_20160911_152222

We were awe-struck by the baths and the history behind, and felt that the £15 (each) we payed for the museum were worth it – we managed to join the free guided tour group and so we found out very interesting facts. img_20160911_163556 img_20160911_163624


The Royal Crescent and the nearby parks aren’t bad either! In fact, they’re something out of a fairytale!

img_20160911_145258 img_20160911_150733 img_20160911_151553

To finish the day off in style, we had a delicious dinner at Burger and Lobster.

img_20160911_174558  Here’s a very excited me having delicious food in front of her.received_101538084445315601

I feel like there’s been a lot of hype around Bath lately, but have you ever been? What small historic city have you visited that impressed you?

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