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Tonle Sap is the 120 km long river that connects Cambodia’s fresh water lake with the same name. The lake’s size varies dramatically depending on the seasons, dry or humid. I find it fascinating that during the monsoon season Tonle Sap can cover an area of 16,000 kmยฒ, and about 2,500 kmยฒ during dry season. img_1168 img_1172

The area is home to a small number of fishing villages, which have adapted to the natural conditions by building wooden houses raised on stills that are covered by water during rain season.


We had the opportunity to visit one of the villages, called Kompong Khleang and even go inside on of the locals’ home – ย climbing the ladder is more difficult than you would thought, and it certainly brought a few laughs from the local kids ๐Ÿ™‚

img_1179 img_1181

At the end of our Cambodian trip, all of us came to the conclusion that this visit was the highlight of our adventure. I can’t explain the feeling I felt after going to the fishing village, but it comes close to words such as: awe-struck, grateful (to have had the opportunity to be there), eye-opening, new (unprecedented personal experience).

img_1182 img_1185 ย img_1188

For anyone going to Cambodia, I can’t recommend a visit to a fishing village enough! I’ve had friend who also visited the country and a similar village and confirmed that it was the most amazing experience of the whole trip.

img_1192 ย img_1198

I am aware that this post is way too long and filled with about twenty photos, but I couldn’t just choose five – or ten. I wanted to share with you as much of Kompong Khleang as I could! I hope you enjoyed my travel photo diary.

img_1204 img_1206 img_1209 img_1210 img_1212

What was one of your most memorable experiences while travelling? How would you describe it in a few words?

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