Countryside fauna | short film

Hello, 2017!

The site has been modified a little, and the posts re-organized, in order to fall into place with my plans for the blog from now on. I will focus on travel stories(accompanied by visual content), food experiments (the good and the fails), and anything that has to do with cinema, from personal projects to opinion pieces on other works. I am excited to follow this path, rather than trying to please a larger audience (which I used to do). In order for this site to stay up and active, I have to write about what I am passionate about, leaving out “filler” content just for the sake of posting. So, instead of picking certain days to post, I will focus on another goal: posting at least once a week. A fixed schedule will be determined later in time.


Today, I am sharing with you Countryside fauna, the first in a series of short montages I will be posting this year. From all the aspects of filmmaking, editing is still a pain in the a** for me, therefore, I will practice more by putting together short films from whatever footage I have at hand at that moment.

Please enjoy my editing exercises, which will get better with time.


Here are some photographs I took that day:

(Click on them to enlarge)

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