Fall is here

Say it after me: autumn is here! autumn is here! Admit it, embrace it, get those scarves out!

Slowly, cold winds are creeping in, rain begins knocking at our windows, and warm clothes make their way back into our wardrobes.

Personally, I’ve always welcomed fall with open arms, even though when I was younger it meant going back to school – that much dreaded event. In all honesty, I was not thrilled to be stuck again inside four walls listening to grown ups talk and talk while we were obedient sheep, yet there was always a glimpse of hope in my heart. A hope that this year we will have at least one teacher who does things different, who actually carries conversations with us and goes beyond the on-going trend of learned by heart speeches. Over the years, my classmates and I were fortunate to stumble upon a handful of bright, well prepared teachers whose classes we actually enjoyed. Their teachings are that that stayed with me until now.

I was born in spring, a season that will always be close to my heart – and probably the reason I love flowers and plants so much. Yet autumn will always be my favorite – it has given me the reasons to enjoy everything I love.

Black grapes, black tea with milk, rusty orange landscapes, lazy rainy Sundays, hot chocolate, pumpkin soup, apple cake, warm autumn clothes (love, love, love), boots, cuddles with a always sleepy cat, scented candles.

Film festivals, adventurous walks with our cat, the beginning of a friendship that turned into a loving four-year relationship.

I would be a hypocrite if I wouldn’t mention that I dislike angry, always rushing (yet stagnant) traffic once schools and universities start in the fall. I dislike that sometimes I feel I don’t have enough hours in a day because the sun leaves us too quickly at 7 p.m.

 Tchaikovsky – October

I prefer to look at the bright side of autumn, embrace it and thank her for the inspiration that it (always) gives me.

Now I will go cuddle my cat some more while the tea finished brewing.


Jo and Tilda

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