How to stay active & motivated

I always considered myself lazy, which I think is also because of my introvert personality. But in my effort to become a functional member of the society, I push the laziness in the back of my mind and try to stay on top of my game. The laziness is allowed to come out on Sunday evenings, sick days and vacations, but otherwise I have a few tricks to keep that little monster away!


1.Organize, organize, organize!

I have become an organizing freak! I am actually addicted to organizing my weekly calendar, and I feel that I won’t manage to get anything done without it. I usually take a few minutes on Sunday to think about what are the chores I have to get done the following week and I note them in my schedule. When it comes to meetings, courses, and other events I write them down as soon as I know about them, because I am a scatterbrain and that should explain everything! I also set specific times for working out, meditation and walking the cat, as I find this to be motivating and I feel like my life is better structured.

For now, I am using the Google Calendar and I find it user-friendly and great at syncing between devices, so I can easily manage my schedule. One of my favorite features is the possibility to choose between creating an event, setting a goal or setting a reminder. It’s a small detail, but it makes all the difference! For example, the setting a goal option allows you to choose an activity you wish you’d more often, set how many times a week you want to do it, and the app will automatically find time in your schedule, encouraging you to follow your goal.

2.Move those muscles!

Not everybody has time to go to the gym for one to two hours to workout, but talking from experience, this shouldn’t dishearten you. Recently I did some changes in my life, and part of that was going to the gym up to three times a week. It was both about wanting to lose weight, and having to, because of health-related issues. I soon discovered that I won’t be able to do this, as my schedule doesn’t allow it, plus I prefer the comfort of my own home and being alone when I do sport. So, I found another way to stay active, and so far it works, although I have never been a sport person, I just never enjoyed it. Now, about every other day I work out at least 10 minutes, and once a week I do a 20 or 30-minute workout, just to get more fat burning! Think about it, just 10 minutes out of your day in the morning, and you are left feeling energized and ready to face the day!

3.Healthy hearty breakfast, happy Jo!

I love food. A lot. I used to eat a lot of pastries and I wouldn’t shy away from desserts. Not anymore: I’ve cut out soda and other sugary drinks from my diet, as well as pastries, high sugar desserts and fatty food. It might seem boring, and I feel ya! I thought the same before. Yet, I have eaten so many delicious dishes since I’ve cut out all unhealthy foods, and it’s because I had to find new ways to satisfy my appetite. I won’t go into detail now, but drop a line if you’d want me to talk more about my diet. All I can say is that I’ve never been happier with my diet and I feel awesome because I rarely have cravings, I don’t get hungry that quickly and I am able to sneak a decadent dessert from time to time without feeling any guilt!

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4.Grow some plants

You don’t have to have green fingers to follow this advice. As much as I love flowers, I have killed several over the years. I am myself in the process of learning about flower caring, but if you have no time or no drive to invest in a flower obsession right now, try to buy a small plant, preferably a succulent, as they are easier to care for, and put it on your desk or on your balcony. I found that gardening is very relaxing, and it teaches you a valuable lesson: have patience. A flower won’t grow in a day, so you won’t get instant gratification, the same as in life: nowadays, younger generations want immediate results, but life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you try a fifty times before something turns out ok. Have patience and let that flower grow! πŸ™‚

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5.Get away

There is nothing I love more than travelling. When time and money are short, city breaks or short trips outside of the city are the best way to get away from real life, have new experiences and be more active. Even a day out visiting a nearby waterfall, going camping or spending time with friends at a cabin can be refreshing and motivating.

6.Don’t skip lunch

This is probably the most important one, and if you are anything like me, your productivity goes to zero when food is missing from the belly! Personally, I get extremely hangry, extremely fast (ask my boyfriend), so on the rare occasions that lunch is postponed, I feel like I’m going crazy. It’s not just my mind that doesn’t like it, the starting point is my body, as I feel dizzy, angry and therefore unproductive. But a balanced meal with protein and plenty of vegetables lifts my mood up and I can get back to work right away.

7.Write down ideas & thoughts

Besides scatterbrain, I am also a visual person. I have to see in order to understand (even if only in my imagination), so I always carry a small notebook with me which I use for writing down ideas for blog posts (hehe!), films, or random questions to look into later.

I recommend going online or to your favorite stationary store and picking out a small, easy to carry notebook with a design you like. You can also use your phone, of course, but there’s something about handwriting stuff down that makes it easier to express yourself. (Or is it just me?)
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8.Slow down.

Remember to slow down, and meditate if that’s your thing. If not, try to find something that makes you slow down and relax, but I recommend avoiding the TV or internet. Instead, take your pet on a walk, but keep your eyes out of your phone, and pay attention to what the four legged friend does, it might surprise you how many flowers, snails or bugs you will discover. Pets have this gift of paying attention to small beautiful things like that, especially cats. Or, you could listen to some music, maybe a little too laud, and maybe get some dance moves going. Who will know?! Your pet? It won’t tell anybody, and neither will I! When was the last time you danced by yourself just for the fun?

Your turn!

Dare time: I dare you to do at least two of the things on this list if you feel you need a pick me up! I am curious to see what works for you, this time, to keep you active and motivated, so let’s talk in the comment section or on twitter!

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How to stay active and motivated

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  1. Tamara

    Great tips! Organizing definitely helped me get more focused and get shit done!


    Tamara –


    1. Jo

      Thanks! You know the same old, same old: Organizing is key! πŸ™‚
      Have a nice day


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