Living room tour: combining mid-century + Scandi

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Are you in for a living room tour?

When we renovated our flat last year, we struggled to create a style for our new home, yet give each room its own personality.

Without any background in interior design, I took on this challenge, with the help of my mother, who already (successfully) designed a couple of apartments before. The most difficult process was designing the living room, starting from the plan and arrangement of the furniture. Finally, I believe we managed to achieve what we wanted: living room/sofa & TV space, an office area, and a dining area (when required), while still leaving enough open space for a modern looking design.

home decor, interior design, Scandi, mid-century modern, living room


TV/sofa area

All I knew when I started thinking about the living room was that I wanted a mid-century modern influence for the furniture design, and that I loved the Scandinavian style because of the simplicity and the sleek lines. I tried to incorporate both styles, into a homey, yet functional living area.
home decor, interior design, Scandi, mid-century modern, living room

I find it difficult to pick a favorite piece of furniture in the room, but I think the most cared for are the bookshelves, which house our beautiful, lovely books, as well as decor pieces, from candles (obsessed!) to framed postcards, or film cameras. In order to give the room air and the impression of openness, we went for the simple metal and glass Ikea bookshelf. We got two of them and placed them together in order to create an entire wall dedicated to the library.

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For the tv stand and buffet we chose the mid-century modern inspired Ikea set, in a beautiful wood finishing. In fact, different wood textures are present across the whole living room design, together with metal details. One thing I love is the simplicity of the design: they don’t even have handles! The fact that the furniture is raised above ground is a plus for cleaning, especially with a (very hairy) cat in the house. 😂

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The center piece is definitely the mustard colored armchair, which is admired by anyone who visits. It is incredibly comfortable too! It is slowly becoming my favorite spot in the house for laptop time.

If I could choose to change something in the room, it would be the couch, my least favorite piece of furniture, probably in the whole apartment. When making this decision, we had to make some compromises: we wanted an expandable sofa, and one that would be resistant to our cats claws. No matter how much I dreamed of a perfect couch(1,2,3), I knew it wouldn’t be a pragmatic piece in our home. The sofa we settled on is simple, has wide armrests and the expandable part is comfortable enough. However, I wouldn’t recommend it, because the seating does not stay in place, and you soon feel that you’re drifting off the couch while watching TV…

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Office/work area

interior design, home decor, mid-century modern, scandi, furniture, ikea, home office, desk,


interior design, home decor, mid-century modern, scandi, furniture, ikea, home office, desk, cat on desk

Somewhat separated from the TV area is our “office”, the place where the magic happens (where I edit my videos, write my blogposts, etc…). Even though I think we could have picked something better, I still like our wooden desk, and it does its job just right! It is big enough to fit two monitors, yet not intrusive. I would have preferred more storage space, though. To go with it, we chose a matching piece, which is in fact a coffee table (shh!), that is perfect for the printer and storing a few more stationary items. If needed, the table is extendable.



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Dining area

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On the opposite wall, there is a simple, white console, that holds a secret: it is actually a foldable dining table! When we have people over, we just roll the table interior design, home decor, mid-century modern, scandi, furniture, cat on console, flower bouquetover(it has wheels!) to the open space in front of the window. What is genius about this piece of furniture is that the console itself stays in place, and only the table underneath comes out, which, inside, stores the six foldable chairs. It was the first piece of furniture acquired for the living room, before we knew how we wanted to style it, so we opted for white on white (the chairs are a graphite color), but there are several customizable options. This console table is a real life saver if you have a small apartment but still want to host dinners!

Also, the cat tree is essential to any home with a cat!

interior design, home decor, mid-century modern, scandi, furniture, console, cat tree, living room


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Almost six months in, and the room is not yet complete. There are frames and prints to hang, and small improvements to make, but I hope you enjoyed the tour of our living room, as it is right now.

interior design, home decor, mid-century modern, scandi, furniture, eglo, light fixture, living room

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Let me know if you liked this post and if you want a tour of another room in the house – each has its own personality!



Here’s a peek of our balcony, currently in the process of redecorating. I will share a before and after when it’s done!

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