A few hours in Parma, Italy!

I am back with a new travel post! I visited Italy last week, which was the perfect opportunity to put the new Panasonic GH5 to the test, as well as get used to filming with it. In this post you will find some photos as well as a short video. As I have said before, I am trying to edit different videos, trying different styles, in order to get over my editing “fears”. While the process is still frustrating and I am never completely satisfied with the end result, I am willing to go forward. Practice makes perfect. Right?


We landed in Bologna a little before noon, picked up the rental car and head towards Asti, our city of residence for the next few days. However, because it was still early, we decided to stop in Parma for a few hours, grab a late breakfast and take a walk in the old city center.

It was the perfect sunny Sunday, not too cold, not too warm. Just as we stepped out of the underground parking lot, that specific Italian je ne sais quoi was in the air – and I felt content. The streets were just starting to get busy, as tourists were heading towards Piazza Duomo, the main square. I am not sure what made me happier: the beautiful buildings, the amount of people walking their dogs, the people riding their bikes or the buskers’ music . I bet it was a combination of all of them…

VISIT//  We stopped at a coffee shop close to the Piazza, where I satisfied my “Italian cappuccino e croissant” craving. I also rediscovered people watching is fascinating, especially for a documentary filmmaker.

As we had no plan of what exactly to do and see in the city, we decided to visit the two main tourist points: the Cattedrale di Parma (The Cathedral) and  the Battistero (The Baptistery). Built in 860, and reconstructed in 1074 after a terrible fire, the Cathedral is imposing, both outside and inside. The Battistery, however, dates back to 1196, and impresses with its architectural shape, made in red marble of Verona.

The light was still amazing, as the sun was rising, and I was able to get some interesting shots in the Piazza and inside the cathedral, as you can see in the video:


EAT// After leaving the main square, we wandered the streets up to Trattoria Corrieri, a famous traditional trattoria of the city. It’s the perfect place to blend in with the locals, but make sure you make reservations or arrive as the clock strikes 12. We were lucky to be among the first customers of the day, but by the time we were leaving, there was a 20-people line outside waiting to be seated. Its popularity is justified, the food is delicious! (Don’t forget to order gnocchi fritti (torta fritta in their menu) and try the cappelletti.


Parma was just the first stop of my short Italian vacation, therefore stay tuned for the next post, in which I talk about (and show you) other beautiful places, this time in the Piemonte region of Italy!

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