3 reasons Tate Modern is worth your visit | London vacation

Yesterday was our first day in London and it was the perfect first day of a trip! We met up and ate at the Bourough Market(yummm) and walked along Tames down to Tate Modern, where we spent the rest of the day. I ended up seeing so many art pieces I didn’t think I would see so soon, that at the end of the day the excitement overpowered the sore feet.

1. Architecture

Built in an ex power station, the gallery is impressive from the point of view of architecture. Combining such a “cold” space with art is brave and inventive. I loved it since I first walked in.


2. Art installations

There are a handful of interesting interactive projects displayed which makes the experience more fun.


3. Famous art

I feel like the gallery has something for every taste. You might “not get” contemporary art, but you will still have the opportunity to stay face to face with a Monet. I was in awe at how many famous art pieces the gallery houses. Yes, famous is a relative term, because what makes a painting famous? Are there degrees of fame? However, I hope you understand my point.


These are just a few points I found that make a visit to Tate Modern worth it. After wandering around the many rooms, we took a break in the park in front of the gallery to unwind.

There are still more London stories I want to share with you, so stay tuned for new posts! Who knows what the rest of the trip will bring.

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