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The Calm app has been on my phone’s main screen for several months now, and once I heard they also launched a book, I knew I had to have it.Β Booktuber/vlogger Megan Olivier hosted a giveaway on her Instagram and I was the lucky winner (yay!), soΒ in two weeks the Calm book was in my hands.

Calm book

At first I didn’t know how to approach it, but I soon discovered that the book is best enjoyed when you pick a category you’re currently feeling interested in and read on that. Since the book is filled with beautiful design and illustrations, it is easy to read and I especially find the inspirational quotes to be a real pick-me-up. You can scan through and almost immediately something will catch your eye, I assure you! As long as you have some minutes to spare, this book is all you need for motivation to meditate, or at least to go on about your day with your heart a bit lighter and your mind a bit more peaceful.

One thing that I was afraid of was forgetting about the book, an issue I stumble upon often since I am such a scatterbrain (another reason I meditate and try to practice mindfulness). To avoid this, I made sure to leave the book in plain view, on the coffee table or on my nightstand, and try to pick it up as often as I could. We often find excuses that we don’t have time to do this or that (guilty!), but the truth is once you pause and pick up a book, or stand still and close your eyes, etc you are suddenly reminded what a great impact a 5 minute break can have. It really makes a difference in the workflow!

Calm book

Keeping readers interested in your product is key, and I thing the Calm folks succeeded by creating several interactive “tasks”, from coloring pages, to a sort of mindfulness journal, or to the drawing challenges. What can be more fun than to design your own treehouse?! It doesn’t hurt being childish from time to time, although, I will give you that, it felt weird when I first sat down, took out my crayons and began drawing the (weird) creations.

Calm book

If you get the chance, check out the book, but don’t forget the relaxing cup of green tea and an open mind!


Calm book review

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