Back to childhood | vacation in Moldova

There is a first for everything, they say. Well, this is the very first blog post I write & post from my phone. I am currently on the other side of the country, in the countryside with my grandparents. I decided that I wanted to write a short post about this place, instead of the regular post. However, there is no Internet here at the house, and I am relying on my portable modem.

In the orchard ❀


This is part of my great grandfather’s property, which my grandmother (his daughter) could get back after ’89 and the fall of communism. During that period, my great grandfather lost his property to CAP, a collectivization process which took place at national level.

The pain of losing what he had worked for all his life was too unbearable, and he died two years later. My grandmother fought to gain back at least part of the land and replant the trees that CAP got rid of. In this way, she sought revenge.


I haven’t been here for almost ten years, and while the village I had in my memories has changed over the years, some things never change. I was happy to meet some of the older members of the community and record their stories on film. The idea of making a feature length doc about this place haunts me more and more.

I will be posting more photos on instagram, if you want to keep up with my vacation.

Until then, I am curious to know some of your interesting family stories, or how important your roots are to you.

Also, stay tuned for stories from London, since next week S and I are travelling to the UK.




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